Monday, 31 July 2017

Braces on!

Mission accomplished! haha okay this was happened 4 days ago, that one of my mission accomplished! I have always wanted to wear braces since my teeth got space between them for both top and bottom and if I don't fix the alignment, I might have problem in the future. I also wanted to work with the public meaning that I need to meet so many people, and because of that, Confidence is always the most crucial thing for me. I always feel shame or have no confidence to talk to people because of my teeth. I have consider about this for 3 years cause it is not that simple and easy thing to decide. First, the price, it is way too expensive especially nowadays when everything are freaking expensive. Second, my determination and willing. Would I willing to deal with the pain? Would I willing to take extra extra good care of my teeth? Would I willing to change my attitude to eat slowly and not to eat certain big and hard food? Third, am I patient enough to wait until I can take off the braces which it might take years? Hence, this is a very big decision for me. My dentist/orthodontist told me that I might only need braces for a year or year++ since I only need to closeup the teeth but I'm not getting my hopes up cause it might end up being longer than a year anyway haha. Surprisingly, my braces didn't hurt me and the braces mounting process was went really well. I don't have any tooth to be pulled, Alhamdulillah.

 It was uncomfortable and the feeling of having metal in my mouth was foreign. The dentist advised me to consume porridge for the first week but after my braces on, I was so hungry that I ate roasted mutton, rice and grilled fish at my father's friend open house. There's where the pain comes, it feels like pulsed but glad that its only took around 15 minutes after I stopped eating. Couldn't bite anything for days, but the ache slowly going away. 

 I'm still learning on how to smile with the braces on. Still feels awkward talking to people especially when I wanna laugh. I used to laugh very loud without covering my mouth and now I need to cover it or else I would looked extra ugly haha. Moreover, I also need to learn how to eat slowly cause I usually eat very fast and I always the one that finished the meal first but now I really need to eat like FREAKING slow omg what a torture haha.

I know I looked so funny and ugly but haha okay let's pray together for me so that I can remove this braces after a year or less than a year Amin haha. May Allah ease everything. Can't wait for the result tho!

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