Monday, 31 July 2017

Gegirl, the cat

Miracle Miracle! Okay, let me tell you what miracle is that. To be frank, I'm not an animal lover. I have never touched any animal since I was born in this world. I don't know why, but I really cannot touch any animals. Not hate, not disgusting but I just can't, maybe I was hit by a curse i don't know haha. and this including cat, yes cat, a famous animal that melts everyone except me. I don't know what my heart is even guys can melt with cat but me?? Even all my family, housemates and friends always try to make me likes cat, but sorry guys I'm still not tempted. Maybe that's the reason why am I still holding the single status till now haha. I'm not that easy to be tied up so, good luck future husband hahaha 😂

My sisters do adopted a few cats in our house. But they were never allowed to stay in our house because of me, I'm so strict that I don't want any dirt in our house comes from them so basically they just stay outside. But, okay but, among those cats, there is this one cute white grey cat (which is my fav color) very stubborn and always wanted to stay in our house. It is a female so my sisters named it Gegirl since she's the only female among those cats. Its very cute! but me being me, with my ego never admit or never say that the cat is cute in front of my family or friends. But you know, this one cat is really difference, like really! She only wants to stay/sleep at a clean white foot mat/any fabrics, and that is literally so me! I hate dirty place and loveeeeessss everything white. She is very spoiled like she always came to me and makes her 'mata bulat' face. She never bergesel around my legs because she knows that I really hate that. and surprisingly, she only come to you when you call her name and speak in English! like omg you such a diva!

If you say like this :

'meh gegirl datang sini meh'

Trust me, she would NEVER EVER COME TO YOU.

unless if you call her like this :

'okay gegirl come here gegirl' 

then only she'll come to you.

During her meal times, you gotta separate her food at the other side (basically a clean and peaceful place). She will never wanted to eat with many cats and choose not to eat rather than scramble with other cats. omg this girl seriously. Licking her fur every seconds like if you look at her you will feel tired by yourself. She will always make sure that her fur is always clean okay phew.

But the most bizarre, this cat never stop trying to be kind and attract me even though I always ignore and expel her. Try so hard ha.

One day, a miracle happens!

I don't know what happened to me suddenly when the cat come to me, I gave her food and try to touch her. And OMG I'm freaking really touch her! Like after 21 years?! wow! My family was very shocked especially my parents because they know that I'm so allergy with animals.
Wow and with that, congratulation Gegirl, you have breaks the curse. haha. and the most unexpected thing is, I have started to love her and the love is increased day by day. Oh and she loves me too. *flips shawl. In fact, she becomes more loving towards me!

But, weird is, I can only touch Gegirl but not other cats so... WHAT MANTRA ARE YOU USING HA GEGIRL haha.

But still, I hope this love would stay and increase day by day towards her and never fade. Okay you should be proud Gegirl, you are the first animal ever that I uploaded on my Instagram and Blog. Be grateful for that, say Alhamdulillah okay, haha❤.

Okay some more pictures

Look! I touched her! haha

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