Tuesday, 5 September 2017

SeaGames Holiday!

MIA : Farah & Wieda

Before I started this post, I would like to congratulate Malaysia for the huge success! Thank you so much to all athletes for your struggle and effort in bringing Malaysia to glory! Congratulations to KJ too for being a good Sport Ministry! 👌 Malaysia is the winner for 2017's Sea Games! Yuhuu! 💝 #proudMalaysian haha. Unfortunately, I can't attend any session due to my busy schedule but I'm still following every news tho! Thanks twitter! haha now explained how important twitter is 😏 Due to the success of Malaysia and people's demand, our Minister was pleased and proud to announce holiday on Monday! Everyone was so excited especially my brother, I'm not too excited with the announcement. Well you know, what is the meaning of holiday when I am on a semester break. huhu.

Suddenly, on Sunday night, I got text from our group, (GSS8) to hangout on Monday since most of us were free and available here in Malacca. It was a very last minute plan since I got the text late night and straight asked permission from my parents. Luckily they allowed me, and then we all confirmed for carpooling. Good food, good company even the weather is forgiving. It was so hot during the first hour when we decided to walk around Jonker Street after 'karaokeing' and shopping together. But the weather got better after that.

The last time we met was during last raya and this time its a little bit different, the record was broken since Dini finally joined us! I was so happy knowing that now she has no one to stop her (except her parents) to enjoy her university life! We talked and enjoyed our moment together so much until we have no time for phone. 8 hours feels so fast when hanging out with them. Definitely gonna plan a vacation with them one day InsyaAllah. 

'lompat tak jadi' photo haha

These were so good! Try the durian one when you come to Malacca. 

Mine was Raspberry.

💙 my bestfriends.

May Allah lengthen this affection and always preserved us to heaven together Insyaallah Amin. 💛

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Summer summer

Ambassadors and staffs
Wuw finally got some time to blog. I should've blogged more this month since so many things happened in my life for every seconds but never thought that my summer gonna be so hectic just like this. Okay for this post, remember my previous blog that I told you I have an interesting program that I'm gonna join? The ambassador things? Yup, I just finished it few weeks ago (I know I should've blogged it earlier than today but who knows I still have another works to settled so yeah) *excuses excuses* 😒

The program was happened for a week but I'm not gonna blog all 7 days details bcs i don't want it to be a long boring essay haha. The first day, I was in charged to do the pick up task at KLIA with Farah and our tour guide, Ms. Aisha. We depart from campus at 7am luckily I managed to prepare myself earlier on that day fuh. It was a great time in the bus bcs abg syafiq, the driver played some bollywood songs (which are all my fav songs!) until we reached our destination. We waited them at the arrival hall about half an hour and they came with a big number of students plus teachers total about 100++. It was hectic at first but thanks god all of them were very good and they obey all our instructions till we brought them to our campus.

 On the second day, nothing much happens since they already started their classes but we still need to handle them and make sure all of them are going to the class. (some are so stubborn that they skipped the class 😒). In the afternoon, we have an icebreaking session which was handled by me and I played BINGO game with them. They were very enjoyed the game! Piuhhh luckily they never played this game before so, that was something new for them even its a lame game in our campus haha. At night, we have a very amazing dinner and we have dancers from academy... something I forgot the company's name. They did a very GOOD and NICE performances! I tried the bamboo dance for the first time and didn't expect that I'm such a fast learner in dancing tho *flip shawl* haha The food, okay this another one more thing, THE FOOD WAS FREAKING AMAZING omg like really GOOD! Not only during the dinner, even for the 7days straight breakfasts and lunchs! I can tell you that my one whole week was spent with really great meals!

The third and fifth days, we spent our time doing outings. Day forth nothing much, just classes as usual. We roamed around putrajaya and I was really surprised that actually there are still a lot of interesting place that I never ever heard before! Even the cruise, I don't even know that we have cruise in putrajaya. oh what a Malaysian. *should travel more then* We also went to Batu Caves and guess what, Me, Aina, Jahnani and Farah went up and down with the 272 stairs in 12minutes! Proved! We should join the sprint competition in SeaGames tho haha. Actually, we were not allowed to went up since we have limited time. But me being me, stubborn and rebellious, persuading them to went up together so when I got scolded at least not being scolded alone haha. But, who knows, we did that very fast, 6mins went up, took some pictures (actually this was the purpose haha!), went down in 6mins. Cool right? haha.

We also went to Mid Valley and Ioi Putrajaya mall, boring place. But for them, that was their #shoppingheavenplace so we let them shopped and we all do our own things. I accompanied Aina with her bowling games. Last time I played bowling when I was 17 and it has been almost 5 years I did not play bowling, so it kinda awkward to handle the ball and i forgot the way to throw it. So, maybe I should start to play it again next time *when I'm totally have some free time*. While the other ambassadors doing some shopping and watch some movies. There was this one good horror movie, Annabelle but Me and Aina has promised to watch it together with Aida so we refrained ourselves and wait until that day.

Next would be the last event which was again, the dinner! The farewell dinner and omg the dinner was again, so amazing! This time, the dancers and performers were all from the students itself! They dance and sang their countries' songs. Last part from the event, the DJ played all hindi and indian songs and we all dance like crazy including the staffs and teachers too! even the VIPs! haha It was so fun!

Ok, so the next morning, we help them to settle down their checkout and everything and we accompanied them to the bus and saying our last goodbye to them. Oh thanks god they finally went back. haha! ok ok I'm kidding haha! Nawh of course I felt sad. Before they went back, they said sorry and hugged me and say thanks to me for everything. I'm so touched! and Alhamdulillah that they actually appreciate everything and happy with what I have done. Well, sometimes, we just need patience and time to build the bond between those new people. Not all of them are an easy going persons but at the end, with patience, sincerity and kindness they will realize and appreciate it. From this program, I also learnt about tolerating and understanding each other especially among our teammates. This real value will actually help to make this program a success 😌

So that's all from this post! Here are some pictures of the program :

me and my students

Airport pickup

Queing for room keys collection and checking in process
Handled the icebreaking session

Opening ceremony for the first dinner

Kanchi and Heng Yeh as our MC

In the class

Last dinner's performance videos are not available since we were too busy to record so yeap, sorry guys!