Saturday, 27 January 2018


This might sounds cheesy and I know you guys might have came across this quote for hundred and thousand of times. 

'Be positive and everything gonna be positive'

'Think positive and everything gonna be alright'

I have heard about this quote for soooo many times. But, have we, or you, ever take a second of your time, sit and think deeply about this quote? Recently, I see so many people keep complaining things. 

I'm stress. I cannot do this. I hate my life. Why am I so stupid. I give up. Life is always unfair. 

Yes, I also have my 'ugh I'm done with my life or WHY.ALWAYS.ME' time. But, as I went through it, surprisingly, I can do that! 

You know, don't waste your time overthinking, crying and complaining about what had happened. Life is too short for that. Find a solution instead of whining. Fail for the first time, it's okay, try another solution, fail again, try again and again, until the problem solved. Life goes on. Time is gold, time is precious. Don't waste your time doing things that have zero benefits. 

Positive thinking really does help people in so many ways. Positive thinking can overcome stress, insecurity, disappointment etc. I am a girl that has a very high insecurity level. I always feel that I am not good enough for everything. My appearance my work my business and all. But, how long I have to be like that, always live in the dark world that full of low confidence level, insecurity, worrying about things. Then, I realized, that attitude will not gonna change my life, not gonna solve my problem and not gonna change me to be a better me. I complained a lot about my life but rarely ever I thank Allah for all the things have done for me. I don't want to stay in such life. I need to help myself because no one gonna do that for me. Change, change and change. That is the only way to overcome it. Think that you can do that, reward yourself if you have achieve something although it is just a small thing. Start step by step. One thing at a time and focus. 

When bad things suddenly hit you, that doesn't mean that it's already at the end of the world. Learn to let go of something in your past, of something that is just an unimportant distraction or of trying to control what you cannot control. It can free up huge amounts of the energy and the time you have to use for something better and more fulfilling.When you worry about what others may think or say if you do something, remind yourself that the truth is that people don’t really care that much about what you do or not do. Bad things will always happen, but it’s how we manage it. 

Always remember this:
If you are grateful, I would certainly give to you more, and if you are ungrateful, My chastisement is truly severe (Ibrahim, verse 7).

Sometimes, Allah might send a storm into your life, not to hurt you, but to heal you. 

It is not always easy. But it can be life-changing.


Sunday, 7 January 2018

two o one eight

Goodbye 2017, Hi 2018.

I hope I'm not too late to wish all of you happy new year! 2017 has been a roller coaster yet wonderful year for me. I've turned into someone I thought I never would. In a better way. I am also so grateful for what I have today. Alhamdulillah. 
Summing up my own :
shiedascarves Aurora and Boldflora collection launched, trip to Penang with housemates, last year as Course representative, met Prof Simon from UK to discuss about student problem, chosen as dodgeball and netball player, went for an Entrepreneurship panel discussion, invited to Urban Decay and Sunsilk Malaysia new product launched, celebrated my 21st birthday with my housemate with my fav theme and perfect place, got good result for my second year exams, my Raya Honey Cornflakes business got good responses, first time Raya with complete GSS8 team (Dini finally joined us), my fav cousins (Kak Ila and Along) engaged, Kak Diba and Kak Syafie graduated, I started wearing braces, been chosen as Nottingham Student Ambassador & President of Nutrition Club, my first time touch a cat, invited to join World Fashion Week, first time joined color run, abah's new business project launched, my first bollywood night, I started my blog, I moved into new house with housemates, I lose some weight and I survived with my broken hand!

But you all probably know everything above actually! I posted almost everything on social medias especially my instagram.  

What you probably don't know what happened in my 2017- The bad memories:

said a lot of goodbyes, I lost my atuk on January 2017,  I had a heartbroken, facing some rejections (my business), the pain that I facing during my broken hand, met some bad people, making hard decisions, letting go some people, caring that 'happy-go-lucky'girl nickname when I'm actually not, worked so hard and save a lot of money (until reached the level of starving myself just to save money) to collect capital for my own business., my car broke at the middle of the highway & car got ruptured.

People always said, it is easy for me to buy this and that, go here and there because I have money from my business. There is one time when someone told me to change my phone and car because it is too old (Iphone 4s) (Proton Saga), it really breaks my heart. If they knew and understand how struggle I am to save money and how meaningful my 'old' car and phone to me. My phone and my car contributed A LOT to me since I have nothing. So, hello, ingat senang ke nak tukar je?
It is that sentimental things that not all and probably no people would understand. Something that I appreciate so much, something that so hard for me to let go even when I supposed to. 

But, you know what the good things that I learnt from all the bad memories. I learnt how to not give up easily. I learnt to say no and be firm with my decision. I become stronger day by day and I got a lot of experience throughout my life journey. I learnt to appreciate every single little things like my family and my friends, my most biggest supporter. I am beyond grateful to have them in my life. I learnt to love and appreciate myself more. I've learnt to be confident and move on faster with everything that disappointing me. 

To sum up, 2017 is the year of whole lot ups and downs for me. Not only me, but I believe to everyone also. My mom got admitted to hospital for a week, my dad faced a big problem with his business, my sister got betrayed by her friend, some companies experienced bankruptcy, some houses or institute burned and some people lost their beloved family. There were a lot untoward and unexpected incidents happened to everyone everyday. I'm not sure if everyone of you experienced any of these. But if you do, remember that everything happened for a reason. It is either to make you stronger or to make you realize any mistakes that you have done before that you never knew. Remember that you are not alone, everyone has their own struggle. There is someone that facing something even worst. Learnt to be grateful and try to solve the problems instead of keep complaining. 

The utmost lesson I learnt from 2017 is to appreciate and be positive. Appreciate everything that God already gave to me. My family, my friends, my health and even my whole perfect body. I learnt so many things when my hand broke, I realise that my hand is actually the biggest nikmat that Allah gave but I always overlooked and forgot to bersyukur for it until the unexpected accident hit me. It is not the end of the world anyway, I can still use my left hand to do works. I also learnt to be positive towards people. Even when sometimes they had done bad thing towards me, that doesn't mean that they are totally a bad person. There must be another good side of them that I never realised. Try to search and look at the good side of them instead of quickly labeling them. 

2018, I can't see what the future holds for me. But surely, the new year will see a better me. With all the experienced and lessons I learnt in 2017, I am ready to face the new challenges and happiness that wait for me on this new year. I pray and hope that 2018 would be an amazing year for me and for all of us. 

Before I ended my post, I would like to wish, again.
Happy New Year everyone! 💕